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on my way

What you seek is seeking you


Wow! It’s July 31st! And I did it! At least one blog post per day during this month! A perfect farewell for the quarantine, since next month I’m going back to the office.

Thanks so much Becky for the inspiration and gratitude to all of you that followed me in this journey, clicking like or leaving wonderful comments on my posts. I think that in almost 7 years of blogging this is the first time that I posted everyday!

Have a great weekend!

Square Perspectives


a visitor in my garden

May you touch dragonflies and stars,

dance with fairies and talk to the moon.


We have lots of butterflies and bees in the garden, but not so much dragonflies. When I spot one of those, I believe that it’s bringing a message to me, or it’s a sign of transformation, something I need to change.

Magical moments are always welcome!

Nurturing Thursday

Square Perspectives

Side by Side

hubby and me

We did 5.6K today! Side by side! Two summers ago hubby had to carry me from the bed to the bathroom. The recovery path isn’t easy, it takes time, little by little, step by step.

Some of you know what I’m referring to, you were there with me and your love helped me a lot. I still can’t write about it, a nightmare that I need to forget, but I know I should write it down to remind me that I survived, I’m here! As I said, step by step, maybe one day!

Square Perspectives