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  • light and shadow

    light and shadow

    A question for you: If you could go back 20 years ago and change your path, would you do it? pensivelight and shadowthe farce of a momentgoing ahead, taking a turnpausingreturn to an uncertain pastcarving a safe futuredepression sightfocus A butterfly cinquain for Tanka Tuesday.

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  • tulips garden

    tulips garden

    gratitude gardenwhere colourful dreams lay downthe tenderness floats Many years ago we seeded a few tulip bulbs around our maple tree, just in case they decided to show up, not much care, a few digs and the bulbs were laid to rest. It was a cold October day, and I didn’t want to go outside, […]

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  • May


    may we start May smiling as the flowers may we start May soft as a breeze may we start May free as the wavesmay we start May standing tall as a treemay we start May free as our dreamsmay we start May content

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  • spring has sprung

    spring has sprung

    Spring is finally here on my side of the world. Flowers, rain, fresh rain, birds, Earth fragrance. Nature is having a party loaded with beauty. The first flowers in my garden are tulips, my favourite spring flowers. The public gardens in my neighbourhood have lots of them, each one prettier than the other. It’s such […]

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  • point of view

    point of view

    magical moment the waves coming and going freshness on my face deeply into the abyss hallucination comes true Tanka Tuesday this week is TANKA PROSE: “We write Tanka prose from the first-person point-of-view. The prose paragraph(s) must also seek to be, if not poetic, at least something that grabs our attention. It must compete with the […]

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  • tiny berries

    tiny berries

    mouthwatering bluea nature’s delicacy sumptuous berries Breakfast anyone? With the arrival of spring all the fresh and delicious berries start to show up at the stores. I enjoy to ate a handful of them early morning, it’s like I’m gifting myself with a load of antioxidants. Sharing with Tanka Tuesday – Taste the rainbow

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