27/30 – it’s the little things

I can’t believe it’s the last week of posting it’s the little things! I’m starting this week with lavender fragrance, isn’t it wonderful. My lavender bush is blooming and I can’t wait to make delicious things with the blossoms. I use them for tea, salads, and smoothies …, and I make many pouches loaded with the seeds to put in the drawers and closets.

Have a wonderful week!

17/30 – it’s the little things

Cheers to the weekend! I still have a full day of work today, but I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I’ve many plans, like gardening, journaling, and a little shopping since I need new sunglasses.

My garden is blooming with many flowers right now, I guess everywhere around here is. A heat wave is on the way, not good for the flowers. We have put water bags around the trees, but the little ones will need more watering. Hope they can keep up with the heat.

Have a great weekend!

09/30 – it’s the little things

Spring/summer pleasures – just sitting outdoors and reading, it can be in my backyard or in one of the parks in the neighbourhood. I’m reading The Dictionary of Lost Words at the moment. It’s a lovely story based on true events about the Oxford dictionary compilation. The journey of a little girl growing up in a world of words.

Some words are more important than others- I learn this, growing up in the Scriptorium. But it took me a long time to understand why.

Esme – the main character in the book

08/30 – it’s the little things

inner to my heart

memories flash in my mind

craving the beyond

luxury in my garden

the love and feeling

take my soul far far away

opening the path

the closeness and abundance

red velvet is the colour

Tanka Tuesday is a taste of the rainbow: to choose a colour and write a syllabic poem. The colour I’ve chosen is red velvet from my precious rose. Choka is a form that consists of 9 lines with 5-7-5-7-5-7-5-7-7 syllables. The rose bush in the photo is very precious to me, hope you can feel it through the poem.

05/30 – it’s the little things

Stop. Breathe. Listen. Three simple words, powerful words to bring me back to the present from wherever my mind is travelling. They are a mantra, sometimes a little prayer or a wish. I’m sharing these words with you today just in case you need them as much as I do. The weekends can be tough on us without the stress of the work days. More time to think and reflect on the past and guess about the future.

“As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are.

Otherwise, you will miss most of your life.”


spring has sprung

in my garden

Spring is finally here on my side of the world. Flowers, rain, fresh rain, birds, Earth fragrance. Nature is having a party loaded with beauty.

The first flowers in my garden are tulips, my favourite spring flowers.

The public gardens in my neighbourhood have lots of them, each one prettier than the other. It’s such a blessing for my eyes and soul to look at them, stop and take a photo (or more than one). These few minutes of pleasure are like meditation.

A happy new week to you!