Side by Side

hubby and me

We did 5.6K today! Side by side! Two summers ago hubby had to carry me from the bed to the bathroom. The recovery path isn’t easy, it takes time, little by little, step by step.

Some of you know what I’m referring to, you were there with me and your love helped me a lot. I still can’t write about it, a nightmare that I need to forget, but I know I should write it down to remind me that I survived, I’m here! As I said, step by step, maybe one day!

Square Perspectives


I was ready to jump out of bed to go out to our daily run, when hubby said ‘let’s take the day off!’. Well, my legs were still sore from yesterday’s 5k, so we skipped the run and I prepared a yummy breakfast for us: triple-berry smooth made with almond milk, scrambled eggs and a piece of a banana loaf that I baked yesterday. A slowly Sunday morning!

Hope you are enjoying your day!

Square Perspectives