01/30 – it’s the little things

Missing this space, I had two weeks off from my blog, my last post here was on May 14th: light and shadow. I needed this time off, my creativity is more in the shadow than in the light. I have many things going on in my workplace and with my family at the moment. Stuff that makes me unbalanced, both in my body and mind. I can’t do much about it and I need to find a way to focus on myself, create barriers and learn to filter what I should take in and what I should let go of.

I need to focus on Mindfulness and Balance: To control my thoughts and my weight. My thoughts are all over the place, most of the time in the past and in the future. I need to bring them back to the present moment. My weight is over the sky. I’ve realized that most of the calories are from snacks, the stressful eating while doing something, like when I’m working at the computer, cooking, reading…

I’m planning to post every day during the month of June, which is starting today. This way I’ll force myself to stop and notice the present moment and be grateful for it.

This morning hubby gifted me with a hibiscus flower that fell off our tree. He brought it inside while I was making coffee. A tiny gesture, but so lovely!

The marigolds I planted during the weekend are doing great. We had a few hot days and I was worried they wouldn’t make it.

A duck couple was visiting my garden this morning, it was a wonderful surprise to find them there.

And two other good surprises: my pink rose has the first bloom of the season and I found a feather in my yard.

Wishing a wonderful new month to you!

turquoise wings

in my garden
childlike wishes
the precious turquoise wings
secret message for the chosen
loved ones
connected by a split second
to the intuition

Today’s prompt for Gratitude week with Michelle is about being grateful for paying attention and awareness to our surroundings and feelings. When I’m in my garden I pay attention to all the tiny little things/moments: a bird song, a butterfly, a feather, all the beauty that makes me smile, and also, to the not so nice stuff, like worms, beetles that eat my beautiful plants and make me angry. Well, I pay attention, and one day without expecting a dragonfly sits on a leaf close by, and at that moment I knew it wasn’t only an insect on a leaf but a beautiful messenger delivering love when I needed most.

Tanka Tuesday is week is “Write a butterfly cinquain (2-4-6-8-2-8-6-4-2) and include a colour”. I didn’t have a recently butterfly photo, however this dragonfly is gorgeous and perfect for my poem.

Twinkle lights vibe

The days are getting shorter and shorter. It’s dark when I leave home in the mornings and when I come back later in the afternoon. I like this feeling of grounding and going inwards this time of the year when we start to pay more attention to being and not just doing. Although I miss the sunlight entering my studio through the window, I enjoy the twinkle lights I’ve in there. The softness that comes with them, little tiny dots of light. I’ve twinkles on my dressing mirror as well, they are shining at me while a get dressed.

Today starts Gratitude week with Michelle, I’m looking forward to it as I know her posts will be just wonderful to turn my focus on what matters and to be grateful for the tiny things I’ve close to me. You can check out gratitude week and other of her lovely offerings here.

Today I’m grateful for my journaling practice. Over the years this practice has helped me to know myself, to understand situations and people and to clarify my mind when I had it clouded with thoughts.

Hope you have a great week ahead and focus on gratitude.



today’s harvest

the joy of gardening. i know it’s not easy to start, to work with the soil, to add the tiny seeds, watering and all the waiting. this process started on the spring, and now almost at the end of the summer i have been harvesting delicious cucumbers and tomatoes. i have peppers too, but they are still growing. the art of gardening has taught me many things, as to have more patience, to trust the process, to be more grateful… i’ve been gardening for many years and each year seems that it’s the first year, always something new to learn and appreciate.

enjoy your weekend!