Sludge: first snow fall

Yesterday we had our first snowfall for this season, so lovely to watch the snowflakes reaching the ground. Of course, the first snowfall and the first week of snow are magical, but as the time goes by it becomes very difficult to accept the heavy snow that accumulates on the streets and sidewalks. Here is an acrostic poem for you.


Lovely and magical

Unbelievable the softness and design

Demanding all the attention to drive and walk

Gear up and go out

Enjoy the outdoors before the sludge shows up

writephoto – eye


Photo credit – Sue Vicent

If I was walking in the forest

and found a magical portal

For sure I’d love to go back to the past

Not so sure if  I’d like to know the future

But the past, yes, of course!

Not only to look at it but to change it

But how to change it

if at that time

I did what I thought to be right

And I didn’t know better

Would I be the same today

If the past wasn’t the same

Maybe it’s best

to leave the past there

Bye bye magical portal

I don’t need you

Joining Sue’s writephoto challenge

And you? If you come across a magical portal, would you go in?