Steam, Punk, Steampunk, Background, Gears, Time Machine
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dripping tears
pillar of life
where is the balance?
it's the rhyme and sonnet
it's lost in the encounters
always revolving around time
the obscurity of the limit
the plain interpretation of being

the words for tanka tuesday this week are circled and squared, synonyms only! i’ve chosen wheel and balance and etheree as a form.


Woman, Beauty, Rock, Sea, Clouds, Full Moon, Night
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singular brightness
longing for the distant past
dreams of forgiveness
the answers bloom like flowers
in the forsaken journey

the prompt for tankatuesday this week is poet’s choice and since it’s full moon, my obvious choice is a poem about the full moon! hope you enjoy this tanka!

Square Perspective – Each moment

on my way

What you seek is seeking you


Wow! It’s July 31st! And I did it! At least one blog post per day during this month! A perfect farewell for the quarantine, since next month I’m going back to the office.

Thanks so much Becky for the inspiration and gratitude to all of you that followed me in this journey, clicking like or leaving wonderful comments on my posts. I think that in almost 7 years of blogging this is the first time that I posted everyday!

Have a great weekend!

Square Perspectives