Twinkle lights vibe

The days are getting shorter and shorter. It’s dark when I leave home in the mornings and when I come back later in the afternoon. I like this feeling of grounding and going inwards this time of the year when we start to pay more attention to being and not just doing. Although I miss the sunlight entering my studio through the window, I enjoy the twinkle lights I’ve in there. The softness that comes with them, little tiny dots of light. I’ve twinkles on my dressing mirror as well, they are shining at me while a get dressed.

Today starts Gratitude week with Michelle, I’m looking forward to it as I know her posts will be just wonderful to turn my focus on what matters and to be grateful for the tiny things I’ve close to me. You can check out gratitude week and other of her lovely offerings here.

Today I’m grateful for my journaling practice. Over the years this practice has helped me to know myself, to understand situations and people and to clarify my mind when I had it clouded with thoughts.

Hope you have a great week ahead and focus on gratitude.



14 thoughts on “Twinkle lights vibe

  1. Twinkle lights are a bit of magic, aren’t they?! I have them in a few places throughout our home, all year round…they just make me happy. Since I’ve known you for years now (!), I know how important your journaling and creative time is for you. I have always loved how committed you are to this time and practice that’s *just for you*. So, so good, Elizabeth.

    P.S. I’m glad you’re joining in Gratitude Week. Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing the link ❤️

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    1. Yes, many years of journaling, it’s like a ‘me gift’ to make a time to put my thoughts down in the pages. Thanks you for the lovely emails this week, I read them while in bed, it’s like a waking up call! In both senses! 🙂

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