01/30 – it’s the little things

Missing this space, I had two weeks off from my blog, my last post here was on May 14th: light and shadow. I needed this time off, my creativity is more in the shadow than in the light. I have many things going on in my workplace and with my family at the moment. Stuff that makes me unbalanced, both in my body and mind. I can’t do much about it and I need to find a way to focus on myself, create barriers and learn to filter what I should take in and what I should let go of.

I need to focus on Mindfulness and Balance: To control my thoughts and my weight. My thoughts are all over the place, most of the time in the past and in the future. I need to bring them back to the present moment. My weight is over the sky. I’ve realized that most of the calories are from snacks, the stressful eating while doing something, like when I’m working at the computer, cooking, reading…

I’m planning to post every day during the month of June, which is starting today. This way I’ll force myself to stop and notice the present moment and be grateful for it.

This morning hubby gifted me with a hibiscus flower that fell off our tree. He brought it inside while I was making coffee. A tiny gesture, but so lovely!

The marigolds I planted during the weekend are doing great. We had a few hot days and I was worried they wouldn’t make it.

A duck couple was visiting my garden this morning, it was a wonderful surprise to find them there.

And two other good surprises: my pink rose has the first bloom of the season and I found a feather in my yard.

Wishing a wonderful new month to you!

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