I was ready to jump out of bed to go out to our daily run, when hubby said ‘let’s take the day off!’. Well, my legs were still sore from yesterday’s 5k, so we skipped the run and I prepared a yummy breakfast for us: triple-berry smooth made with almond milk, scrambled eggs and a piece of a banana loaf that I baked yesterday. A slowly Sunday morning!

Hope you are enjoying your day!

Square Perspectives

Square Perspective – Proteins

After ten days of low carbs and high protein diet, I’m starting to see the results. My skin is glowing and I feel lighter, I haven’t checked my weight yet, I really don’t care much about losing a few pounds here and there, but what matters is feeling healthier. Sugar and carbs make me feel anxious and bloated. Of course, I can’t resist a piece of chocolate or a slice of oven-fresh bread! Instead of eating a full bar of sugary chocolate I’m eating a tiny piece of dark chocolate, that generally comes with low sugar. And the bread, not a full loaf anymore! But a tiny slice only. I still enjoy this kind of delicacy but I don’t overdo it.

Wishing you a great weekend!

Square perspectives

Square Perspective – From a jar’s perspective

a tiny jar

A jar with sweets! I decided to start a diet yesterday, first of the month, eating healthier, cutting down carbs, and sweets in general and loading on proteins. I keep this tiny jar with candies and tiny snacks on my counter, so I can always have some bit available.

The jar is so tiny and pretty, a temptation, but the shadow tells the truth; the result from opening it can be scary!

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