Square Perspective – From a jar’s perspective

a tiny jar

A jar with sweets! I decided to start a diet yesterday, first of the month, eating healthier, cutting down carbs, and sweets in general and loading on proteins. I keep this tiny jar with candies and tiny snacks on my counter, so I can always have some bit available.

The jar is so tiny and pretty, a temptation, but the shadow tells the truth; the result from opening it can be scary!

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14 thoughts on “Square Perspective – From a jar’s perspective

    1. This jar is pretty and a temptation! I can’t cut completely because I need to have these things at home for hubby and the kids, but I’m putting a locker in my mouth, only tiny bits once a while for now on. 🙂

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    1. Here the same, I was baking loads of bread and pizza, too much that the kitchen drain clogged! If could do that with the drain imagine what was doing to my body 🙂



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