It’s my birthday and my garden for sure knows how to make me smile. All the tulips are blooming in both front and back gardens.

A gratitude list is perfectly fine for today:

  • I’m drinking my coffee, writing this blog post and looking at the beautiful birthday card hubby and the kids gave me this morning
  • I’m taking the day off from work
  • It’s raining and I’ll spend the day reading and writing
  • I’m feeling good and light
  • Latter, I’ll buy a cake and pizza to celebrate the day

I’d love if you also share what you are grateful for.

Have a wonderful day yourself!

W3 – words

one afternoon nearby…
consonance and assonance
such annoyance
buoyant and flamboyant
words should be in abundance
don't use redundancy
have endurance

Joining David’s W3 challenge:

  • Write a poem of at least six lines that’s heavy on consonance, assonance, or both;
    • Consonance: repetition of identical consonant sounds;
    • Assonance: repetition of similar vowel sounds.

W3 – Blue

Image from Pixabay
Sky, ocean; mixing and matching
Sand, salt; scrubbing my feet
Breeze touching my face; caressing
My golden skin; wild sweet

Shells; many of them, adornment
Fish; a colorful splash
Pina colada; agreement
Palm trees; please, have a bash
Fresh breathe

First time joining David’s W3 challenge. This week the prompt is to write a Memento poem:

A ‘memento’ is a poem about a holiday or an anniversary, consisting of two stanzas. Each of the two stanzas is:

Six lines;
Syllabic: 8-6-2-8-6-2;
Rhyming: a/b/c/a/b/c.


A flash of light is entering through the window 
Bodies start to stretch after the long night.
Good morning, bonjour, bom dia, buen dia, guten morgen …
Many languages contained in a small space, all the dreams and expectations
A baby babbling at the left, a toddler asking ‘are we there yet?’ at the right
People are moving in the aisle, rushing for the lavatories
The cabin crew is busy, checking if everyone is ok and collecting the night trash
The coffee fragrance spreads along the plane, soon breakfast will be served, the landing approaches.
Welcome to …

Reena’s Xploration Challenge:

“There’s something about arriving in new cities, wandering empty streets with no destination. I will never lose the love for the arriving, but I’m born to leave.” 

Charlotte Eriksson, Empty Roads & Broken Bottles: in search for The Great Perhaps


one minute you are six
in the next, sixty
interval in between
are filled with moments

tiny moments of joy
moments of worry
tiny moments of smiles
moments of sadness

all of them constitute
whole body and soul
with each bit of them
be your own being

Tanka Tuesday this week is in commemoration of Colleen’s 65th birthday. She asked us to write our own poetry form using 65 syllables. The form I created contains 3 stanzas: the first and second 6-5-6-5 and the third one 6-5-5-5. I’m naming it Boomer!

The tulips are for Colleen! Happy Birthday!


first tulip of the season in my garden
magical wings
wandering without zeal
reaching the top and looking down
I'm powerless against the will
random resolution
time to renew
deep breath

As the first tulips start to bloom in my garden, I know it’s time to renew, to make changes, to let go of things that aren’t worth keeping and welcome the new, the possibilities, to make decisions, not always the best ones, but the ones that my body and mind are craving.

Tanka Tuesday this week is about Easter, with a flower image as inspiration. I’ve chosen a butterfly cinquain as a form for my poem, nothing better than a butterfly to remind us of rebirth, renewal, and transformation.