W3 – Blue

Image from Pixabay
Sky, ocean; mixing and matching
Sand, salt; scrubbing my feet
Breeze touching my face; caressing
My golden skin; wild sweet

Shells; many of them, adornment
Fish; a colorful splash
Pina colada; agreement
Palm trees; please, have a bash
Fresh breathe

First time joining David’s W3 challenge. This week the prompt is to write a Memento poem:

A ‘memento’ is a poem about a holiday or an anniversary, consisting of two stanzas. Each of the two stanzas is:

Six lines;
Syllabic: 8-6-2-8-6-2;
Rhyming: a/b/c/a/b/c.

29 thoughts on “W3 – Blue

  1. Ommigosh, Elizabeth, this is sheer loveliness. It’s so wonderful to have you join W3 too 😃

    For some reason, my browser is only showing one stanza… I’ll try it again on my computer later!

    Much love,

    Liked by 1 person


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