What do you see – Is it possible

Image credit; Leighann Blackwood @ Unsplash
Is it possible to explain love
To someone who never loved before
Using pen as a tool
Is it possible ordinary words
Describe how profound and infinite
Love is
To the fools that never loved before
Words and love 
there is no place
In their hearts
A flame is powerful 
A way to erase the abstract feeling
Only known to who truly feels it
Is it possible …
Joining Sadje - WDYS

Fairy Garden

Photo credit; Greg Nunes @ Unsplash
fairy garden
hidden throughout the moss
unfurling magic
dust filled up with enchantment
opening up the heart
releasing the dreams
deeply in the forest
luckiest is the one who finds it

Joining Sadje’ s What do you see challenge My first thought when I looked at this pretty image was a fairy home. I love the blue colour of the mushrooms. Blue is the throat chakra, the one related to the voice, to speak up and release feelings.

Hope you enjoy my poem!

a dream

Image credit; Sean Robertson @ Unsplash

First time joining WDYS – What do you see challenge from Sadje. I’m joining with a free poetry form. This photo is so exquisite and I couldn’t resist when I saw it on my feed. The words just needed to be written. Hope you enjoy!

the bride thought it better 
the forest, the moss
the songs exhaling from the trees
the birds and the butterflies
too late for the groom
only the veil lays on the stream
following the flow of a dream