peace in my garden

I’ve just read a lovely poem about calm in chaos by Judei Takali here. It’s exactly my feeling right now. I’ve been feeling exhausted, without a place to ground and to be myself. Yesterday was a lovely day, I was in my garden and these dandelions called my attention. When I looked at them, I saw the Buddha statue, in there, solid and peaceful, not because it is a statue, but the feeling that comes from it and what it represents. Nothing can go inside it and disturb its peace. I though I can reach this state of peace too, this calm that nothing can disturb. I know that my words sound crazy, but this is my feeling in the last few hours.

I’m going to make space to ground and to feel solid, and don’t let anything enter my being if it will not make me calm.

beauty in a garden nearby

I’ll invest in myself and I’ve already started it. I’m joining Michelle GD in her Just5Things course that starts tomorrow. Few minutes per day, making lists, and it will be the space to work on my ground and calm project. Like everything in life, we need practice and commitment, we can’t just say, ok, I’ll do this and that, everything needs work and discipline.

Nasmate and love your way!

Stay safe!


13 thoughts on “Namaste

  1. meditative post, looking for a place to be grounded. yes I can relate to that. even a small space can become that for us. a place we call our own to be just who we were meant to be. some days that is a very hazy picture and you did the right thing by refocusing your thoughts, then clarity will come. a beautiful photo and the serenity on that statue reaches out to me too.

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    1. I was being optimistic when I wrote this post yesterday. Today a I’m a little bit down, maybe a lot down. I need to rescue the place of peace in my mind.


    1. Welcome! I didn’t write a poem for the challenge last week, I got lost in the middle of things. It was lovely to read yours. This course is great, I’ve joining many times in the past. I hope it will help me to bring calm to my days.


  2. What a beautiful post, Elizabeth…what beautiful intention. You’re absolutely right that there’s work and discipline involved, that it’s not enough to just say okay…there’s got to be follow-through.
    Your words are a beautiful reminder of this. Looking forward to sharing this coming week – this practice – with you. Namaste.✨

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