Spring softness

Spring softness can be found a few steps from my front door, as the first flowers in my Dogwood tree.

Or at a few steps a little farther away as in the tulips around my maple tree.

Spring’s soft fragrance can be found a few steps from my back door as well and it can infuse the soul with lightness as the hyacinthus in my backyard.

Or a little farther away, in a park nearby, the beauty of the cherry trees can transport us to a land of fairies and magic.

Hope you enjoyed a little bit the spring softness from my field of vision.

13 thoughts on “Spring softness

  1. They’re sooo pretty! Also, the way you captured them makes them even prettier. I just love looking at these types of posts, they’re so relaxing! Thanks so much for sharing and wishing you a happy week!

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    1. Thanks so much, Camille! Yes, it’s my kind of post. There is so much stress in the world that we need to spread a little bit of calm and joy on our blogs. Have a lovely weekend yourself!

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