Mother’s Day flowers

Hello my friends, hope you are doing well. This time of quarantine is making me reflect on many things. I’ve been up and down in relation to my feelings. Some days of stress, others of calm, others of nothing only going with the flow. I know for sure, is that I’m settling into the new routine of working from home. Sharing the space with my husband, having lots of coffee/tea and popcorn in the afternoons have brightened my day and I’m being more productive than we all day in the office.

Stay home office space

The weather is getting more spring-like these days and a run at the closest park is always a moment of joy. Now is the season of tulips, and they are everywhere. I never get tired of taking photos of them. 

Never ending beauty

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

Lao Tzu

Stay safe!

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15 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. Elizabeth, change is always difficult isn’t it? I’m glad you are falling into a routine. My daughter, who is also working from home, recently made the same comment, that once she developed a routine, life became easier. I am adjusting as well but to life with my husband now retired. Friends warned me it would take a little time and it has, LOL! xo

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    1. Dear Grace, wonderful to see you here, I miss your blog posts! Aren’t you planning in coming back? I know you are busy with the new house and have hubby all the time by your side, for sure 2 big changes and new routine to adapt, but you got it! Little by little we find the flow, isn’t always this way? Hugs to you!


    1. Kindness with myself! Why is it so difficult to be kind with ourselves? We go through many up and downs (mostly) and to realize that the power to change is inside us. Have a great weekend, Rupali!

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  2. Those tulips are so beautiful. It’s so important to focus on the good things in these strange uncertain times. My moods are sometimes topsy turvy too but mostly nature helps keep me balanced. Take care Elizabeth. 💕🌷

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    1. Yes to Nature! I had never paid much attention to Nature when I was growing up, only if it was sunny (beach time) and raining (boring time), but as I grow older my synchronizing with Nature has increased so much, I find balance and grounding moments when I’m observing Nature at work. Have a great weekend!

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  3. “I’ve been up and down in relation to my feelings. Some days of stress, others of calm, others of nothing only going with the flow…” – Yes, this sounds like me in a nutshell. Some day good, some days bad, some days, just give me the wine and no one gets hurt haha. And I just love that tulip picture it is so amazing

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