“The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature.

To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.”


I’ve to confess that this year I didn’t dirty my hands with soil. Hubby did all the work of adding new soil and seeding the gardens in our backyard.

Now,  I’m doing my part. I touch and talk to the plants. I’m nurturing them and at the same time, they are nurturing me. I can’t forget to tell you I’m a tree hugger too!

Have a great Saturday!



11 thoughts on “Gardening

  1. oh i will hug a tree for you on my next forest walk Elizabeth and i speak to them too, my kids walk a few steps behind me when i do…LOL! have a lovely weekend and i love the photos of your garden on instagram, tell hubby he’s done a fine job. i was thinking of getting a few plants this year too, but since I don’t have my Joshua, it’s been hard to keep a garden. but maybe i will get the younger son to get his hands dirty!

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    1. Trees are very inspiriting, I become very sad when I see people cutting out trees. So sorry you don’t have your son to help you. Each new season, each moment should bring you memories of him. Hope your younger son is up to take care of the garden and make a lovely one for you. Thanks for hugging a tree for me.
      Hugs to you!

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      1. its walking new paths without him and finding peace along the way, he’s always in my heart just not beside me. younger son wants to take on so much, he carries a burden too, but we will get through it, yes a beautiful little garden sounds a good healing place. trees are very special things, they do so much for us, its a pity they aren’t treasured more.

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  2. had no idea Voltaire wrote that = and ahhh – seems you found your way to connect with nature (and the ions we get from the earth can ground us physically – but I am sure you know that)
    #love gardening

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    1. When I’m hugging a tree I feel all the Earth energy going through up to her leaves, and If I really concentrated I can feel the ions coming to me as well. Nature is such a wonderful font of energy.

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  3. It’s the same here – hubby does the dirty hands stuff, I do the softer encouragement, it’s two sides of the same coin – loving Nature and being loved back ❤ It's win-win 🙂 x



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