Taking easy, listening to the wishes of my body. I’ve learned I can’t hurry. I need to stop and check with my body. Listen to all parts of it and respect my limits.

My mantra is STOP, BREATHE AND LISTEN. I put these words together a few years ago. My intention was to listen to the things around me, mostly the sounds of nature. Now I know the most important sounds I need to listen are inside me; in my mind and in my body.

My morning has started slowly. I was still in bed at 9 am! I did heart space meditation that my friend Delicia posted on her blog today. It’s a simple but powerful meditation. You can find it here.

I hadn’t practiced yoga for more than 6 months, today my body asked for it. I felt ready to start this practice that was part of my morning routine for many years.  I was surprised at how well my body responded to the poses, of course, they weren’t perfect, but good enough to know that I’m ready to practice yoga again.

Now, after a healthy breakfast, I’m writing this blog post for you. How is your Friday going on?






21 thoughts on “Listening

  1. yoga can be so healing to both body and soul, hope you get to practice it soon and regularly, I feel much joy in your words, sending healing thoughts and vibes Elizabeth, you have braved such challenging times, such an inspirational woman.

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  2. Good mantra.
    The day didn’t start too brilliantly after a restless night for all three of us due to the heat. The morning was muggy and overcast, but come lunchtime, the sun was out and we were sweating again with nowhere and no way to keep cool.
    “Field trip!”. Hubby announces after the parcel we’d been waiting for all week was finally delivered. We piled into the car (all the windows down, bliss) and drove 34 miles to a bigger town. Spent a small fortune (for us) but came back happier and with a pair of trousers and top for me and two pairs of trousers for Hubby. Good retail therapy!

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  3. Great mantra! And your morning rituals sound gentle. They supported your mantra perfectly. I wish you many more mornings of stop, breathe and listen.

    I find sometimes I forget to listen to my inner self so your reminder is helpful.

    So happy you enjoyed my little meditation Thank you for sharing it forward. Namaste Elizabeth.

    Love and light Delicia xxx

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    1. Second day of yoga this morning! I hope to keep up with it. Listen to our inner self is difficult but we need to do it, our body and mind have many messages for us. Have a great weekend my dear friend! Hugs!

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      1. Yes, I know her, I’ll check if she has any video for recovering, I need to go slowly, I can’t push too much right now. Hope you had a great weekend my friend and have a lovely week!

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    1. This week was very hot here too, but yesterday started to cool down, it’s pleasant to be outdoors right now. Did you see the Brazil x Belgian game yesterday? No more Brazil x England in the final 😦



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