Experimental: upside down iPhone


The leaves in my yard are pretty. I thought in taking a close up of them, but I was too lazy to go down on my knees to take the photo. I turned my phone upside down and without looking and focusing I clicked! Here it is,  a great photo! You can see my pumpkins, on the sidewalk, waiting the recycle truck 🙂 they are a bonus to the photo, since I didn’t see them there before taking the photo.

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Nurturing Thursday # 6


“Stop focusing on how stressed you are,

and remember how blessed you are. “


I love to collect leaves and bring them indoors to decorate my home.  I put them in my tiny vases and spread beauty around my home. When they dry I return them back to nature. I got these ones in my front yard where my beautiful maple tree is letting go of them, getting ready for the long winter that is coming. I collected these leaves, I gave a hug to my tree and I said thank you!


I made a mandala as well. I organized the leaves on the table and when I took the photo I saw that the light was reflecting exactly in at the center of the mandala. Isn’t it magical?

On Tuesday I didn’t have an easy day at work. So, instead open the door and bring all the work stress inside home I stopped in my yard, took a deep breath and saw all nature beauty around me. The few minutes I spent collecting these leaves and talking with my tree were enough to put a smile in my face to greet my kids.

Have a lovely day!

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