Nurturing Thursday #7

“Understanding is the first step to acceptance,

and only with acceptance can there be recovery.”

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I don’t understand why my mind can turn things upside down, can create memories and erase others. Exactly one week ago I had to make a split second decision, I was in lots of pain, I couldn’t think straight so my husband and son decided for me. I don’t want to go into details right now, I’m still processing the situation, but what I want to say here is that since a week ago I’m fighting with myself because I was weaker, I let go of my body and my will.

Yesterday my co-worker said that these feelings are part of the TRAUMA, takes time but eventually will go away. This word stayed in my mind, Trauma! I thought, it can’t be! I wasn’t in a car accident, I wasn’t raped … those things are the ones that cause trauma.

I did lots of reading last night about Trauma, and yes, it fits perfectly to my situation.

The process of recovery is long, and acceptance and understanding are part of it. So I’m journaling and journaling, trying to find answers between the lines.


Have a lovely Thursday!

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Experimental: upside down iPhone


The leaves in my yard are pretty. I thought in taking a close up of them, but I was too lazy to go down on my knees to take the photo. I turned my phone upside down and without looking and focusing I clicked! Here it is,  a great photo! You can see my pumpkins, on the sidewalk, waiting the recycle truck 🙂 they are a bonus to the photo, since I didn’t see them there before taking the photo.

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Nurturing Thursday # 6


“Stop focusing on how stressed you are,

and remember how blessed you are. “


I love to collect leaves and bring them indoors to decorate my home.  I put them in my tiny vases and spread beauty around my home. When they dry I return them back to nature. I got these ones in my front yard where my beautiful maple tree is letting go of them, getting ready for the long winter that is coming. I collected these leaves, I gave a hug to my tree and I said thank you!


I made a mandala as well. I organized the leaves on the table and when I took the photo I saw that the light was reflecting exactly in at the center of the mandala. Isn’t it magical?

On Tuesday I didn’t have an easy day at work. So, instead open the door and bring all the work stress inside home I stopped in my yard, took a deep breath and saw all nature beauty around me. The few minutes I spent collecting these leaves and talking with my tree were enough to put a smile in my face to greet my kids.

Have a lovely day!

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