12 thoughts on “WPC: Glow and let go!

      1. Well the photo reminded me of the old story and I have to share it real quick – a girl was sick and in bed for weeks and finally gave up hope as fall waned and she felt through. A friend came to visit and she told him she would die when the last leaf fell and there were about 20 leaves at the time.
        Slowly the leaves dropped that week but one stayed – a colorful crinkled one and each morning the girl curiously looked from her bed – sitting up stronger each day – at the end of the month she was discharged cos she was healed (her immune system must have been nurtured back) and as she slowly walked to the window and exhaled – then she noticed the leaf was not a real leaf – but her friend had painted a leaf on the window – with tears she left and well…..
        The story is something like that!



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