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On my way to 5K! I’ve been training to run a marathon in October. I wake up early everyday and go out for a run. I love the fresh air and all the beauty I find on my path. Having a goal is important to keep my mind and body synchronized. I’d tried to keep fit many times, but I always let it go. My son run a 20K last year, and I saw many people of all ages running, each one at his/her own speed. Then I talked with my family about it, and they like my idea of joining the marathon.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

Tony Robbins

I have a treadmill at home for the snowy months, but nothing compares to the outdoors for exercise. My neighbourhood has many beautiful places to walk/run. I enjoy the view and I always find some excuse to stop and take a photo.

You are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream.

C.S. Lewis

Noticing the little things on my way decreases the stress in my legs and inspires me to keep going. It’s incredible how the mind and the body are connected. As the years go by, I can feel how this connection plays a role in my health.

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.”

Ashley Smith

This week’s WQWWC is free theme. Terri from Secondwindleisure is hosting the challenge while Marsha is busy getting her new AirB&B ready. I’ve chosen on my way as a theme. Hope you enjoyed it!

27 thoughts on “WQWWC :: On my way

  1. Yay for the marathon plans, Elizabeth, and best wishes! I used to run half-marathons, but never did a full one, and haven’t done much running since I took up rowing. Outdoor exercise is great for the body and soul, whatever it is!

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  2. Good for you, Elizabeth! I used to run 5k’s–they are fun, aren’t they? Longest distance I ran was a 15k on the beach. Amazing how different it is running a few more miles. Totally different pace. I am so excited for you doing a marathon!! I’m with you–early morning is the best. It’s like you have the outside all to yourself.

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    1. Hi Lois, it’s so nice to know you have done it! Exercise is so good for us, it’s difficult to start, but after it’s easier to keep going. 15K, wow! not sure if I can reach that one day, but I’ll keep it in mind! Today is raining here, a break from the heatwave, so I did 2 k on the treadmill, it’s not the same thing, I got bored. The beauty and freshness of the outdoors are inspiring. Have a great day, my friend!

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    1. Thanks, Hugh! I’m trying to keep up with the challenge. My family is supporting me, and this makes me keep going. And of course, the beauty of the summertime plays an important role too.

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    1. Good morning Susan! Thanks for being proud of me, it means a lot to me. Today is raining here, a break from the heatwave, but no outdoors run for me. So I did 2 K on the treadmill. It’s much more difficult indoors, I get bored easily. Sorry to hear about your knee, it’s terrible, such a difficult place to get fixed. My hubby has some problem with his knee too, he has tried physiotherapy and other things, he gets better but later on, the pain comes back. Hope you get well soon!

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      1. 2K on the treadmill still seems pretty impressive. 🙂 I suppose that could be boring as you’re not actually moving anywhere. I’m not sure if music, TV or a book would help. 🙂 Thank you for your thoughts on my knee. I’m not sure what to expect, but I see the orthopedist on Tuesday. I have never seen him before, but he is related to friends of mine. Hopefully, help is on the way.

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      2. I had music going on, but I was still counting the minutes to reach at least to 2K! Hope everything goes well with your appointment and you have good news! Hugs to you!

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  3. Wow, Elizabeth, training for a marathon? Impressive! The views of your run are gorgeous, who wouldn’t be inspired? My knees are toast from 35 years of running, so walking, hiking and elliptical training are my dry choices for staying in shape. Perfect quotes and I’m happy you linked to WQW this week!

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    1. My knees have always been good, but three weeks ago, I fell hard on the right one, when I tripped on my deck stairs. Now, it seems I have a knee cap out of its normal position and have to see an orthopedist. Thankfully, I have still been able to walk!

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      1. I don’t think you got the name wrong (unless you deleted the comment.) The writer of this blog post is Elizabeth. I follow Elizabeth’s blog, saw your comment and thought I’d join the conversation. I won’t be running any marathons soon, but I am proud of her for her accomplishment. (I hope that straightens out any confusion.) 🙂

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      2. It did, Susan, lol! My phone gave me no context. Once I went onto my PC I could see the comment string. Thank you for the conversation, that’s what makes blogging fun! I’m always impressed with people who train for and run in marathons. In my early 30s I competed in a mini triathlon. Fun but a lot of work and commitment.

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      3. I’m glad. 🙂 Wow, triathlon. One of my former schoolmates, who is connected to me on Facebook, is a triathlete, and she must be in her early 50s. (I am 49, and she was a couple of years ahead of me in school.) So impressive. I was really hoping to get back into an exercise habit (I like dance) before this accident happened, but now, I am afraid to try anything until the doctor sees me. Hopefully, this won’t set me back too much.

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    2. Good morning Terri! I’m lucky to live in this beautiful area in the city. I love to be by the river. I know, the knees can be a problem, my hubby started with me, but he gave up because his knees started to trouble him. The elliptical is one of my favourites exercises, but the gyms are still closed here, so had to find another way to get rid of the calories from breadmaking and eating, of course! Have a great day!

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