Tanka Tuesday :: Longing


Holidays are always tough on me. The memories and dreams are vivid, it’s like I can touch them, the feelings are all over the place, urging to make new memories and at the same time keeping the old ones in the background of my mind.

Tanka Tuesday this week is poet’s choice. So, due to the holidays’ mood I wrote this double Senryu and added this photo that I snapped during in the weekend. I would call it a Haiga, but I’m not sure if a double Senryu can be used for it. Let’s see what Colleen has to say 🙂

Hope you had a great weekend and the holidays weren’t tough on you!

24 thoughts on “Tanka Tuesday :: Longing

      1. I’m always mixing forms. And frankly I’m not worried about whether that is ‘allowed’ or not. I generally say of my mixed verses that they are hybrids of the forms I’m using.

        Just take a look at all the inspirational posters that have quotes or other ‘writing’ or poems on them. Do they have a special name? Sometimes though like with the prompt that Colleen created, we do get to create something completely new and then like a newly discovered star, we do get to name it 😀

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  1. The holidays are tough, for sure, Elizabeth. I’m sending you hugs. We can certainly use Senryu in haiga poetry. I’ve not seen more than one poem at a time on a haiga, but for this challenge, you can experiment. I like the composition of your photo. The hard rock is softened with the flower. Everything in the photo mimics the theme of loneliness. This is very good. ❤

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