Nurt Thurs :: Expression

Refreshing and creating

Expression is the essence of thought.

Tony Calderone

We all need fresh air from time to time, to open up our mind and let our feelings surface. It’s like that say: Thinking outside the box!

Expression is the mystery of beauty.

Edward Bulwer-Lytton

There are so many rules and directions to be followed for each task at any moment. We get lost in the middle of them. Where is the creativity in all of this?

To express one’s inner self so that others can understand you, is art. If your expressions are elevated and beautiful, it is good art.


Sharing with Nurturing Thursday.

13 thoughts on “Nurt Thurs :: Expression

    1. Yes! More than ever we should think out of the box! There are so many things in this online world, people dictating what you should do and behaved, it’s exhausting.


  1. such a beautiful post Elizabeth. creativity helps unleash the inner soul and with it burdens tumble, many times when we are lost in creating, our mind is freed from worry and find solutions to problems, thank you for the gentle advice here.

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    1. Welcome, my friend! We are so oppressed by the views of the world every day, so creating a little bit in the corner of our world can really make a difference for our soul.

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      1. I so agree, I am a firm believer of making a difference from our small corner. We can’t change the world but can change how we affect the world. be blessed dear one.

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