Sunday Stills: Earth’s fire

my first tulips of 2019

I enjoyed so much to join Sunday Stills with Hugh these last 2 Sundays, that I decided to keep up with Terri’s Sunday Stills Photo Challenge.

Today’s theme is Fire.

The first thing that came to my mind was the Earth’s fire, the Earth core where the temperature is similar to the temperature in the surface of the sun, around 6000 Celsius! It isn’t a fire in there, but a metal combination that makes the heat.

We are in the middle of the winter in the North Hemisphere, soon the spring will spring, a sign that the Earth is alive and the fire still keeps burning.

Have a great Sunday!


8 Ways to Uplift Your Energy

Good Morning! It’s a grey morning here in my part of the world, I’m so glad this post was on my feed this morning. Generally, I don’t reblog posts, but this one I have to share with you just in case you need a little bit of energy this weekend.

Story of a Journey

In Energy: Where Does It Come From? we understood how important it is to be connected to our inner energy 🙂 In fact, when our heart is not completely open to receive it, we can be influenced much more easily by our surroundings.
How can we limit being drained by certain situations or people? How can we keep our energy level high and live a joyful life? Read on to find some ideas 🙂

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Tanka Tuesday: Storm

the storm is coming
unhurried willing moment
lightness in the air
letting go of any task
only being here and now

Joining Colleen’s poetry challenge. The words for this week are slow and work. We can use synonyms only.

I took this photo yesterday when leaving work, a storm was approaching and everyone was in hurry to get back home. The moment was so precious, I felt the lightness in the air, I took my time, slowly savoring the moment, step by step, taking photos, no hurry.

Sunday Stills: Night

Joining Hugh from Hugh’s Views and News for Sunday Stills: Night.

If light is in your heart, you will find your way home


Hugh asks us to close our eyes and see the darkness. Yes, there is darkness, but as Rumi said, there is light too. Somedays this light is weak and the darkness takes over bringing out all the nightmares that were hidden in the past. I’m learning to keep the flame of my internal candle burning and when I close my eyes I feel stillness and safety.

Have a great week!

Sunday Stills: Window

Hugh, from Hugh’s Views & News, for Sunday Stills. 

I haven’t joined a challenge for so long, but being a friend of Hugh for many years, I’ve decided to give it a try.

Today Hugh asks us to write about windows. This is my view, right now, from my living room window. I’m wondering if I’ll be able to go out.

We had a massive snow storm yesterday, we were snowed in all day. Not being able to move the car for grocery shopping, my refrigerator is empty! Being at home all day with 2 teenages, you can imagine…

View from my kitchen window during the storm, it’s so pretty, but not easy to handle. I spent the day baking, journaling and drinking lots of tea to keep warm.

Now the last one is the view to my backyard, the sun is shining but it’s very cold, – 13 degrees Celsius, and again I’m wondering how many layers I’ll have to dress up to go out!

Hope you enjoy your Sunday, and check Hugh’s blog for joining the challenge or wondering about windows.