W3 – Meditation

a garden close by home
Memories from my childhood 
Exit through each pore in my skin
Destiny masks the truth
In search of the path
Temptation or reality
Action or dream
Time is the culprit
Irrational sense of power
Overpassing what matters
Now and here

W3 prompt this week has been chosen by Punam:

  • Write an acrostic poem on any one of the following words:
    1. Discipline;
    2. Enthusiasm;
    3. Meditation;
    4. Tumult;
    5. Trouble.

Since I’m working on my Meditation skills I had to pick Meditation as the word for the poem.

Now and here, or better, as I like to say HERE and NOW! It’s so difficult to keep our mind in the present, to observe and to feel the moment. The past always shows up, memories popping up and taking us back to the moments and situations that can’t be changed at this exact moment. I have come a long way, I’m much better now focusing on the present, but it’s a rough path, nothing smooth as the path on the photo above. I call this path a secret path, it’s in a park almost in front of my home, and only a few people walk on it. So, it’s my secret spot to do a quick walking meditation.

15 thoughts on “W3 – Meditation

  1. If the memories of that stage of your life were good, hold on to them. Revisit often. If they were bad, I am sorry and hope you find a way to let them go forever. You are here now. This is lovely. Loved the photo too. Thanks for sharing this lovely acrostic poem. Glad I read.



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