Solitude embraces me like a shawl in a chilly evening 
Kindness towards myself 
Year-long, a search for abundance of my being
Limited by the conscience, where the ocean meets the sky
Inflicting despair, a tiny line between sanity and madness 
Never again
Exaltation of the senses 

Joining Moonwashed Musings – Skyline

19 thoughts on “Skyline

  1. I like the self imagery portraited in this poem.
    The first line depicts the scene or image of you recalling the past frozen around particular spots and incidents. But it is a past seen in the light of the present. The second line vividly evokes a particular moment you tried to forget the past but reading on, the fifth line reports otherwise, making an ordinary event suddenly representative of mysterious forces in nature and the source of subsequent profound changes.

    Nice poem.

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