Tanka Tuesday :: Berries’ Journey

Tanka Tuesday this week is a theme prompt about journey/travels:

“When one considers this wide-ranging theme, there are many possible subjects to keep in mind. A journey can consist of just about anything. One could be moving physically traveling from place to place, or be transforming in some significant way. The journey might be somewhere specific that can actually be listed on a map, or somewhere less tangible, such as the afterlife.” READ MORE ON POEMANALYSIS.COM

This theme brings me many memories, so many journeys I’ve taken, both physically and in my mind, journeys of adventure and journeys of growth, journeys of despair and journeys of joy. But I decided to go light and to be joyful, just simple. I’m writing the berries’ journey from a tiny seed planted on the ground, harvested, being on display at the market, coming home with me, and turning out a delicious and healthy breakfast. Form: Haiga

Once a tiny seed
Showing off at the market
Yummy for breakfast

Hope you enjoy it!


30 thoughts on “Tanka Tuesday :: Berries’ Journey

    1. Agreed! It’s important for all, but for the kids really makes a big impact to understand all the process, how the food show up on our table, most of them have no idea.


  1. A beautiful haiga, Elizabeth. I love that you selected a blueberry! It’s also visually stunning. (Don’t forget that in syllabic poetry we do not capitalize the first word in every line of our poetry). I’m reminding everyone. ❤

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  2. I always found it interesting that the strawberry has all its seeds on the outside of the fruit!
    Yum! I put in one little blueberry bush this year. I’m hoping the birds leave me some 😀

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      1. I’ve got some wild strawberries, but I let the garden critters and birdies have them. They are tiny little things 😀

        Good luck with your berries!

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      1. Yum. In CA we had hundreds of strawberry plants. I gave away strawberries until nobody wanted to see me coming. Then I froze the rest. Then we planted 15 blueberry bushes. We moved to Prescott and left them all behind. They are calling my name. Those are the only two things that really call me back, although I did love the peaches that the birds left for us as well. 🙂 It is almost crazy to grow those sorts of things when the store sometimes has a deal like 99 cents for a container of berries. We couldn’t grow them for that. 🙂 So have a nice weekend, Elizabeth and eat some berries. 🙂

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      2. Nothing compares to the pleasure of pick up our food in the our backyard. It’s so great to follow the process, I have a strawberry bush and it’s loaded with babies strawberries, I can’t wait to pick them. But you are write it’s so much easy stop by the market and load the car with them. Thanks for the lovely challenge!

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      3. Thank you, too, Elizabeth. I look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to write tankas any time you want as a response to Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays, if you join in. Just have fun with it. 🙂



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