nurt thurs – me gift

We still do not know one thousandth of one percent

of what nature has revealed to us.

Albert Einstein

my first sight, from the window of a plane, when we moved here was this river. i knew that my home had to be close by it, i didn’t want to go anywhere far from this blue water.

yesterday i took the day off, first day of spring and i decided i am worth of this ‘me gift’ to enjoy nature. I had a long walk by the river, stopping on its small beaches along the way. it was so refreshing and healing. in each corner i could see the earth transforming, getting ready for the warm days ahead.

hope you had a wonderful day, and don’t forget to give yourself a ‘me gift’!

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  1. Meg Evans

    I went for a walk yesterday after work, along with my husband. He just bought some new gym shoes and wanted to wear them. The wind was chilly, but I put on a warm hat and scarf set, and I felt pretty comfortable. Even though we only walked around the neighborhood, it was still good to get out in the fresh air.

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