happy first day of spring! it’s a good day to reflect on what matters, what we should keep up with, and what we should let go.

my friend Gina, singledust, is hosting a poetry challenge this week at dVerse, i couldn’t resist the topic, so i’m joining in!

“I am hosting Poetics this week contemplating the Tanpura Principle in writing. Do you have a poetic hum in the background of your life that inspires your writing? How does your non-creative life affect your writing process? Tell us in a poem this week at dverse!


not sure how I got here
influenced by others
of course
the vanity of having a Ph.D. degree
to understand the nature of beings
to find the cure
meetings and people
competitions and deadlines
hiding my feelings and not showing
perfection in each moment
Stop, breath and listen
looking for freedom
I isolate myself
solitude and silence
writing outside the lines
messing up
letting my feelings explode
between colours and paper clips
to find a balance
to breathe my true-self
next day I’ll be ready
a smile on my face
a word of encouragement
a surprise of a new result
observing the miracle
inside a cell
keeping my words and feelings
for later on
when they will lay down
on a piece of paper

30 thoughts on “balance

  1. Wow, that is a fantastic poem! Very well done. And happy Spring to you too! This line especially got me: “Stop, breath and listen
    looking for freedom
    I isolate myself
    solitude and silence.” I actually did stop for a second! 🙂

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  2. you balance things with care and compassion Elizabeth. it comes through in this poem. you have managed to find that rare gem of a middle road between professional perspective and creative wonder. appreciating life from cell level and then marveling at it’s grandeur can be quite mind blowing. well done on the poem my dear, I love how you created this, and so happy to have you join us!

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    1. dear Gina, thanks so much, your words mean a lot to me. i’m having a stressful time at work recently, this prompt came just in time, perfect for today, since i decided to stay at home and enjoy the first day of spring. love and hugs to you!

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      1. this is wonderful then! your poem felt like a release of so many burdens and I am glad you are enjoying the time off doing what makes you happy. at last spring has arrived for you!! lots of hugs and plenty of love back my dearest friend!

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    1. yes! in science everything should be precise, everything has to be verified, and accounted for, exactly the opposite with our written where our imagination can fly without boards.


  3. And how fortunate are we that we can absorb daily influences knowing we can commit our feelings to paper and approach each day with renewed vigor.

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