Welcome November

New month, new possibilities, blank pages to be filled up with joy!

Only 3 things I’ve planned for November:

  • lots of writing and journaling
  • focus on gratitude
  • starting hot yoga classes (I’ve practicing yoga for many years but today I’ll will have my first class of hot yoga!)

And you? What are the 3 main things you want to focus this month?

Happy November!


16 thoughts on “Welcome November

  1. Hmmm, three goals….well, first is to become more regular with my blogging. And to practice the piano daily. Finally, I really need to get into the habit of taking a walk each day.

    I look forward to hearing how the hot yoga class went, Elizabeth! I found them difficult to do, it was hard for me to breathe in such a hot room. I did like how my body felt afterwards, though. Plusses and minuses, right? xx


    1. Great goals Grace, the hot yoga class was interesting, I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect and was afraid of feeling sick with the heat But I’d chosen the yin yoga class, so most of the time I was on the floor, more stretches. I like it, and the feeling after it is done is great, I was very calm the next day too. Have a great weekend!


      1. Yin yoga is wonderful! I would be able to do that in heat. I took a class with my daughter when I was visiting her last week and am actually certified to teach it. I’m so glad you liked it!


      2. Yesterday I had hot vinyasa, it wasn’t easy, i had to take lots of break. But the yin yoga was so good, it’s perfect for my lower back because i have chronic back pain and i felt much better after the class. You are so talented! Piano, yoga instructor, wow! Do you know, you could open a studio or some kind of retreat for women, they could spend few hours in there, doing some yoga, painting, listening to music (classical), relaxing. I’d be a frequent visitor if we lived close by. Or better we could open this business together, imagine the 2 of us sharing goodness with a small group of women,maybe once a week. We never know, maybe in the future…

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      3. I like your idea, Elizabeth! Yes, we could open a place where women could come and just follow their bliss. πŸ™‚

        I’m so glad the yin yoga eased the pain in your lower back. That’s one of the reasons I love it so, I find it to be so therapeutic. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! xo

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  2. I’ve signed up for 23 fitness classes for November. A mix of yoga, Zumba, and TRX. I’ve taken 2 hot yoga classes. Both kicked my butt, and I thought I would throw up when it was finished. I was trying too hard in one, the other was way above my fitness level, and I got really discouraged. It’s all about pacing yourself in those hot classes.
    My favorite class is warm, and uses the wheel as a prop for all of the Vinyasa sequence. headstands and power moves at the end are so empowering. plus i love the lavender cool towels at the end.
    enjoy your hot class!


  3. Thank you for making me think about this. After some thought – my focus for this month is going to be on gratitude, attitude, and fortitude. November is always a good month for reflection. A month of thanks and giving. I appreciate the inspiration, and am going to work on this!

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