noticing # 4


we still have fresh blueberries around here. they are my favourite kind of berry, but soon they’ll disappear from the markets. blueberries are called superfood or power food, they have lots of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and almost no calories. for sure i’ll miss them in the following months.

have a great day!

noticing # 1

i need to give a boost to my creativity.

i have lots of ideas popping up, but i’m always procrastinating, saying it’s ok if i leave it for tomorrow and then at the end of the week and month i’ve done nothing!

i need discipline, routine, but at the same time, i want freedom.   i know, for sure, that my projects should involve photography and words so i decided to register what i notice around me, little things along the way.

i’ll give it a try, i’ll post every day a photography and few words that come to my mind. hope you enjoy!

here is my first ‘noticing’


the exact moment when we discover that we can bloom,

each one in a particular way,

but nevertheless showing off our true essence.