a random page # 1


It is difficult to start a new path, but you will find the way, you will erase the old path and make a new one, little by little, stone by stone. It will be yours and no one else. 

When you realize that most of your life has been spent to please others, the only option is to go ahead and try to put yourself up in the chain. Take a bath of self-love and self-respect, be yourself for now on. People come and people go, but you need to stick with yourself, so take a better care of this body and this soul, do what pleases them.

I decided to start a series with my art pages, I’m naming it a random page. I love the frame of my noticing series, so why not starting one with my art pages. Hope you enjoy it! 

noticing # 62

Such a great book! I love the way Jodi’s characters are created and molded by the circumstances. The way she started it, from the ending to the beginning, made my imagination wonder most of the time trying to understand the motive behind certain scenes. 

Well, if you need a nice reading for the holidays, this one for sure is a great choice. 

Noticing how a well-written book is able to take me inside the mind of other people. 

noticing # 60

Slow Saturday afternoon. I’m enjoying a cup of tea and wondering around. I’ve already bought all the Christmas gifts. Waiting for them to be delivered. I can’t deal with the mall crowd these days, so it’s much easier to get everything online. 

I opted for simple and meaningful gifts, mostly handmade items from small online shops. I know they are made with love and intention, and at the same time, I’m making the maker and the receiver happy.  

I shortened the list too. Outside of my family, I’m only getting gifts for 3 co-workers and my personal trainer. These are people I see every day and are always there for me. 

Noticing how making life simple is rewarding!


noticing # 58

Cheerful! I’ll try to be cheerful for now on, I was turning myself into a bitter woman. This year hasn’t been easy for me, so I started to live in a defense mode, thinking that everybody was against me. I was hurting myself and hurting loved ones. These last weeks were horrible, I completely lost mind.

I started an online writing course on Monday, Write 21.  We need to focus on just one thing for 21 days, something we want to accomplish, to get better on …, I’ve recognized that I need to rescue myself back from the darkness, and one way to do it is being cheerful towards others and mainly towards me. 

To my surprise, it’s working! I’m feeling much better. In these 2 days I’m practicing to be cheerful, I’ve talked with people that before I only said hello and turn my face away, I’ve smiled more, I let go of bad thoughts, and I’m not bringing work problems to home. I’m not sure how long it will last but I’m trying to make being ‘cheerful’ a habit! 

Have a nice Friday my friends!