Sunday musings – yellow and orange

These last two weeks have been hectic. Many deadlines at work and weekend travel with the kids. I didn’t have time to have my precious ‘me time’ and to join the writing/poetry challenges, that I love, here.

Another snowstorm was on the way for the weekend, so I went grocery shopping on Friday evening and I found these gorgeous tulips, yellow and orange, at the grocery store. Of course, I had to get them.

I still have my Valentine’s roses, yellow ones, drying out. I dried red roses many years ago, they turned out great and are decorating my living room. These yellow ones are also drying beautifully. Not all the roses dry the way I like, so it’s great when they do and I can preserve them.

Today the clocks went ahead one hour. I’m taking this morning slowly, not hurrying to catch up with the lost hour.

I made pancakes for breakfast to enjoy with a strong black coffee. I got my orange mug last weekend while travelling to the USA middle-west. I drove all the way from Canada, a long drive, however pleasant, I love a road trip.

Yellow and orange are calling for me. I need to search for their meanings, I know yellow is happiness, and warm, but not sure about orange.

Wishing a wonderful day to you!

20 thoughts on “Sunday musings – yellow and orange

    1. Tulips are a sign of renew, the first ones to pop up in the spring around here. Yes, yesterday was a slow kind of day, but today, monday, it is hurry, hurry! This time change is crazy! 🙂


  1. Orange is optimism, emotion, adventure–which sounds perfect for your road trip. Aren’t road trips the best?! This hour ahead nonsense is not my favorite thing. I feel like today is going by in a flash. Not a fan!


    1. Thanks so much, Lois! Yes road trips are the best, the definition of orange colour is perfect! One hour ahead isn’t may fave either, I’m thinking of having to wake up one hour earlier tomorrow!

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