A pop of colour

winter blues
it's dragging me down
bright colours

lifting up

Middle of January is always difficult, winter blues guiding to lack of creativity. I hadn’t worked on any art page for so long, today I decided to add yellow and pink to a page. A pop of colour to lift my mood. I like my choice of colours: yellow and pink! Yellow means happiness and reminds me of sunshine; pink is related to self-care and love. This reminded me to buy flowers this weekend!

Haiku poem for Tanka Tuesday.

19 thoughts on “A pop of colour

  1. Yes, buy flowers, for sure! We really need the bright colors this time of year. It was very dark here today also. I was looking at different color and style choices for my Fitbit screen just now 🙂

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    1. Hi Meg, yes, I did! I got yellow gerbaras, they are brightening my kitchen counter right now. Darkness isn’t good for so long, we need to find ways to bring light close to us. Hope you have found a lovely screen.



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