Tree Squares :: Tree of life

my favourite willow tree
youth and passion
mixing laugh and tears
underneath the branches
the roots searching for water
orchestration of the branches
leaves caressing faces without shame
the bark is apt to put down fever, aches
following the motion, lightness is dancing
the music is powerful reaching up and down
dreams are alive under the willow tree, forgiveness
the tree of life
a soul mission
ready tho heal
open friendship
grounding, flying,
hearts and bodies

Becca’s squares this month is all about trees! I wrote a syllabic poetry form named Tree of Life here for WQWWC challenge from Marsha, she suggested I also post a Tree of life poem for Becca’s challenge. This poem has a tree outline. I wrote this one inspired by a willow tree in my neighbourhood.

Hope you enjoyed!

22 thoughts on “Tree Squares :: Tree of life

      1. Do you know that the first time I ever saw one was out in Barrie, Ontario, by Kempfelt Bay. It was gorgeous, a dry and cool spring day, I enjoyed sitting by Lake Simcoe and just absorbing the beauty. You are so lucky to have some close to your home.

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  1. Willows are such pretty trees — they do look as if they are dancing and flying! Sadly, the willows in my neighborhood have been dying because of climate change. The summers are too hot now, and there’s not enough water in the ground for them anymore.

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    1. Hi Meg, they are lovely. Climate change is making so much damage, the future generations won’t have the opportunity to appreciate many beauties of nature.


  2. This is so perfect, Liz. I’m glad you wrote this. The picture is lovely, too – a willow with water. 🙂 It looks like with this one you started with one syllable, moved up the ladder to 13, with a trunk of four syllable lines. Very clever. Now I know how to create a Christmas tree. It seemed that your other tree was a slightly different shape. I am definitely going to give this a try.

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    1. Hi Marsha, so happy you liked it! Yes, I was more careful organizing the lines so the shape was more visible. This willow tree always inspires me to write poems. It’s in a beautiful spot close to my home.

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  3. Marsha told me someone had written a wonderful poem, and that it was in shape of a tree. Should have guessed it was you. This is so wonderful, and a TreeSquare too. Fabulous – so glad you have joined us again this month

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    1. Thanks, Becky! Trees are so inspiring, each one in its own way. I love this willow tree, so it was time to write a poem about it and share in the Squares!



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