Tree square :: Beautiful surprise

on my way

Do you know that feeling when you see an unexpected beauty on your way?

Yes, yesterday I had that feeling. This beautiful pear tree was on my way when I stopped by the grocery store. I’ve been many times to that store, but I’ve never seen this tree. Why? Because when I go, I always park closest possible to the entrance, and of course, no trees around.

Yesterday I was driving my hubby’s car, he is very careful with his car, and I didn’t want people scratching it with the shopping carts, so I looked for a distant spot for parking, and voila! This tree caught my attention. 

Sometimes changing the routine can bring us beautiful surprises.

Sharing with Becca’s Tree Square.

18 thoughts on “Tree square :: Beautiful surprise

      1. As someone who mostly drives tried and tested routes (because my road sense isn’t great at all), I love exploring new routes on a run. And I try not to run over the same road too much in one outing if I can help it. I have discovered many wonderful sights as a result!

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      2. Me too, I always try to find a detour or go out of the highway into small cities along the way. The trip gets longer, but we can really find beautiful spots to admire. Glad I’m not alone in this. 🙂



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