5 thoughts on “Noticing # 91

  1. Hi Elizabeth, it’s a strength as well as a weakness, making mistakes and learning from them. That is how we evolve. If we didn’t have to put any effort into understanding the signs, life would have no challenges, and we would stagnate. A wrong turn is always an opportunity to discover something new 🙂

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      1. We all do that… it’s hardwired in humans, I believe, to ruminate on our mistakes so we can avoid making them again. That brain circuitry had a lot of evolutionary survival value way back when a caveman who made a mistake might get eaten by a bear, but in modern times it’s not as useful. When I catch myself getting into one of those unproductive thought loops, I try to broaden the scenario into something more positive by considering what I wouldn’t have learned, what new opportunities I wouldn’t have had, etc., if I had done something different. And again, it’s not so much that we need to be stronger; it’s more about building habitual patterns of thought and letting their strength work for us.



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