1. Pomegranates do taste good. But tell me something. I’ve always wondered if people chew and swallow the seed part, or just nibble the fruit part. That’s what I do, so messy, but so good. Also, I’ve planted the seeds and they make the cutest little plants. 🙂


    1. I eat everything! The seeds are so tiny and crunch, I love them! I mix them with yogurt, salads, or I eat them by themselves. I’ve never planted them, I’ll try! Thanks for the idea!


      1. Pomegranate trees are very cute, but they need a lot of sunlight and can’t tolerate cold weather. If you have a sunny spot in your house, you might want to consider buying a potted dwarf pomegranate tree. 🙂 And, the seeds are full of good nutrients and fiber.

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