Nurt Thurs – Let go

“You must learn to let go. Release the stress.

You were never in control anyway.”

Steve Maraboli 

I’m feeling overwhelmed these days. I’ve many things to solve/check but the world has stopped. Online services have slowed down and phone calls aren’t answered. I’m still working full time from home and I’m trying to be as efficient as when I’m at the office. I get frustrated when I’m trying to do my job and I depend on another person/institution that isn’t doing the expected job. I know most of the employees are working from home, but at least try to do your best, if you can’t answer or solve the problem at that moment at least send a message acknowledging that received the email or the call and will take care of it later.

Sorry for the outburst, this week has been tough. I should learn with the quote above and let go!

Sharing with Nurturing Thursday.

13 thoughts on “Nurt Thurs – Let go

  1. A wonderful reminder Elizabeth.
    I am working full time from home and yes I do miss many things from office but most of all those two big screens.
    What I fear is I might have to visit an optician when all of this is over. Anyways I am very glad that my colleagues are in good health and working full time from home which makes it easier to solve a problem.
    Even we have some socializing via skype for business 🙂

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  2. I used to be able to home work when I was working. I was very productive at home, no chats by the water dispenser or whilst waiting for the kettle to make coffee, no listening to what other people were doing, BUT, switiching off at night was tough. I think you have to be rigid about your working hours, and turn off your computer and work mobile.
    I also get frustrated as a customer by phone calls that don’t get answered when I wait for an hour before giving up and emails that aren’t answered or even acknowledged.
    It would be good when this situation eases if companies can sort out this aspect of homeworkers/customer interface.
    Meantime there is nothing anyone can do but their best, customers to be patient and workers to stay safe and not stress about things.
    Please can all homeworkers turn off their work computers whilst they are not “at work”, and relax, stay safe and well, we the public are grateful.

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    1. Hi Cathy! Thanks for your lovely message! I’ve realized I’m more efficiency too at home and away from the office distractions. It’s not easy to stop the work, I feel like I want to compensate for the time I spend cooking and doing other house work at the time I should be in the office, so I go into the night and during the weekends. I believe I’ll soon find the balance. Have a great weekend!

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    1. Working from home is trick, because we don’t have hours to start but it never ends, we don’t close our computer at 5 pm and go home. I keep up going into the night, after the dinner, and still doing something during the weekends. I think the stress builds up and we don’t realize. You are right, I’ll focus on my breathe and let go. Have a great weekend!

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      1. Yes, I do understand what you mean about working on the computer at home and how difficult setting the boundaries can be. As a freelance writer working from home I’ve become used to that over the last couple of years. Take care of yourself and remember the weekend is yours. Enjoy. No work! 😉

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  3. I try to have patience because everyone else is feeling stressed and overwhelmed too. They probably would do a better job if things were normal. Of course, just knowing that isn’t always enough to let it go. I’ve been feeling frustrated with my husband because he doesn’t want to order pizza, mainly because there are no live sports to watch on TV while eating it. Can’t blame him for getting bummed out about that, but I feel like going without pizza for such a long time makes things even more blah. Oh, well… this too shall pass.

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    1. Hi Meg, it’s a difficult situation for all of us. Each one has its own level of stress, I know, we need to understand, but sometimes I got frustrated. I can only say to you, order your pizza, I’m sure your husband will not resist when he feels the smell of it! 🙂


  4. I retired two weeks before this Coronavirus became so big. And for that I am thankful. I never enjoyed working from home–I prefer to keep work and home separate–so I would have been stressing majorly if I had to work remotely. I still keep in touch with my gal pals from work. They don’t want to have to go back to working in the office, so that will be interesting when the stay-at-home period ends. Hang in there, Elizabeth. All you can do is breathe.

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    1. Yes, Lois, you started the retirement at the right time. It’s not easy to jungle the work with the house tasks, we feel pressure from both sides. I image that many won’t go back to work after this long time at home. This is the new routine and to adapt again to go to the office will be tough! Breathe and let go are the best things to do right now. 🙂

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