A random page # 15

Journaling is helping me to stay grounded during this time of lockdown. I’ve been up and down with my feelings, but in a way or another when I sit at my desk and start to write it’s like the world is back to its usual flow.

I haven’t done much art journaling recently, but here are the pages I did a few weeks ago.

Acceptance and self-care
Letting go
Being comfortable at home

And you? How are keeping your sanity these days?

18 thoughts on “A random page # 15

  1. I do my three morning pages of stream of consciousness spewing (As in Artist’s Way Process) and am recording books of the bible and short stories and doing my book writing… these and keyboard practice, exercise, good food and phoning friends – is all helping to keep me grounded, connected and creative. Lovely to hear how others do it.

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      1. They are indeed. Such a different way of writing and they’ve had quite transformative effects on my way of doing things. I’m very grateful to the Artist’s Way for showing me this strategy.

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      1. Self raising flour has been difficult to get for some reason, but I have baking powder in the cupboard anyway, just no margarine at the moment (and soon to be no cake from last night’s batch as Hubby has been tucking in!)

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      2. Oh no! Cake is a must at this time! I got my baking powder yesterday, now I’m baking a chocolate cherry cake! Trying a new recipe! Hope you get your margarine soon!



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