Nurt Thurs – Popcorn

popcorn for lunch

“One cannot think well, love well and sleep well

if one has not dined well.”

Virginia Woolf

These days my mind is revolving around food. Breakfast, lunch, snack and supper! What do I cook for 4 people everyday? I’m running out of ideas, seems everybody gets hungry being at home. I, myself, have been craving cake, popcorn, candies, chocolates…

morning pages

My cravings are showing up on my morning pages as well.

Only this week I’ve baked bananas cupcakes, a marble cake, and more chocolate cupcakes. Lots of popcorns during the afternoons too!

I’ll make a bread pudim soon, if I can have some bread leftover today.

How are you doing during this lockout?

Sharing with Nurturing Thursday.

13 thoughts on “Nurt Thurs – Popcorn

  1. Yes, everyone is stressed out and eating more. My husband was feeling sick last night, not from the virus, but from eating too many M&Ms. Enjoy your popcorn and cupcakes. There will be plenty of time to eat healthy food and get in shape with outdoor activities over the summer when we can get out again.

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  2. such wonderful baking going on Elizabeth, wish i could come over, oh no I can’t, we have to stay home! are you still working, from home? i am going in every day as usual, hospitals don’s close and we continue giving treatment. be safe my dear and enjoy the popcorn!

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    1. Oh yes! It would be great to share some of my baking with you, maybe one day! I’m working from home, I set up my office in the kitchen, so lots of food breaks 🙂 I know, the hospitals are in full power, how are you doing? Hope everything is OK, stay safe!

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      1. I am holding on to that hope and dream we have of cake and coffee one day, it is a great motivating thought, Yes hospitals are full speed ahead, I am still working full time and more some days. all is good for me and kids right now, they work at home and take care of chores, I am so exhausted after a shift at work. am taking precautions and praying this will be controlled worldwide. we do not find staying home a restriction, we have lots to do and keep content with what we have and try to help our community when called to action.

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  3. Oh, Elizabeth–I baked banana bread (3 loaves!) and banana cupcakes, too! Gonna make zucchini bread, also. And I am craving M&M’s–which I never eat! Popcorn….we used to joke about that at work, because I am not a fan of popcorn at all! The office kitchen vented into my office and my coworkers could smell it: “Lois, is someone making popcorn?” “Yes! And it’s only 10:30 in the morning!!!”

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