Welcome March

March is here, still cold and snow on the ground, but the expectation of spring brings joy. It’s like counting down to see the first sprouts breaking through the soil and smiling at us.

The rivers are still frozen, the earth is waiting to explode in color, but for now, the best is to be indoors. I’ve being writing, not as much as I would like, but bits and pieces here and there.

And reading, I’ve joined the GoodReads challenge, and I’m up to read 25 books this year. I’m already in my 3rd one, and I have this pile to read in March.

All of them from women authors about women trying to find her space in this world. Women with different backgrounds (from a math teacher to one that never attended a school), and different decades, but so similar in so many ways. I’ve started the ‘Where the crawdads sing’ and I’m loving it.

Wishing a great new month to you!

12 thoughts on “Welcome March

  1. Oh you have my life-long favourite book, Elizabeth – Mrs Dalloway! Let me know what you think! We just discussed my choice in book group today – The Hours by M. Cunningham – based on Mrs D 🙂

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  2. written with a beautiful flow, I feel a contentment even with the cold. your heart seems more open and accepting, very inspiring words Elizabeth. Good luck with Goodreads and more books for 2020. I find Goodreads very useful for tracking my reading progress. Much blessings to you.

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