The mountain

The Circle of Life

In the morning she opens the window
The mountain greats her: Good morning my darling!
At midday, the mountain says: How are you my darling?
In the evening the mountain whispers to her:
Come to me my darling, I’m waiting for you

Trying a new form of poetry for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday poetry challenge. The form is Gogyoka, below is Colleen’s description for it. Hope I’ve gotten it right!

The Gogyoka in English syllabic poetry form is the only form that does not require a syllable count per the five lines. Please be mindful that each line should be the duration of a single breath or a phrase. Choose your words carefully…

29 thoughts on “The mountain

  1. Beautiful response.

    Elizabeth, I am holding a blogging party this weekend and it would be lovely to have you there and for you to share your wonderful blog there.

    even if you visit for a few minutes.

    would love you to be there.

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  2. This has such a Native Peoples quality – at least to me.
    I like the sensitivity of both ‘she’ and ‘the mountain’
    I also like the form – though I do not recall ever writing in it myself.
    I’ve heard of it – thanks for the reintroduction and the explanation.

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    1. Hi Jules, thank you for visiting! First time I see this poetry form as well, and I like it! I’m in Canada and we have lots of mountains and Natives too, the contact with nature is very important. Glad you enjoyed it!

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  3. this is a wonderful form – i stumbled across it 2 years ago and find it is a good way to start a daily musings or journal writing – your poem is beautifully crafted Elizabeth. the mountains echo such calming verses to your soul

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