Nurt Thurs – Lemons

If Life gives you lemons, make lemonade. If the lemons are rotten, take out the seeds and plant them in order to grow new lemons.

Louise Hay

I bought these pretty lemons this week and I had to take this photo before slicing them. For few minutes I was completely involved in the process of photography. I thought about the container to put them, I decided a bowl would be ok, so which bowl should I choose, a white one or a blue? The place and the the perfect light for the photo. My iPhone or my Nikon?

I spent few minutes in one activity that I love, photography. This could mean nothing, if I wasn’t getting ready for a work meeting, that I was freaking out about! I had to pitch few ideas that I knew before hand some people weren’t happy about them. I needed this time for myself as a ‘me gift’ to refocus.

And you? are you taking time to do what you love?

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6 thoughts on “Nurt Thurs – Lemons

  1. Lovely colors! And Louise Hay’s practical advice makes me smile. In the modern world we have gotten so used to throwing things away, we often don’t notice when something is still useful.

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    1. Thanks Cathy! The meeting was the kind that people talk for 2 hrs and at the end everything is the same as started. Only works to stress us out! A sunny garden is perfect, just what we need around here, but i’m afraid it will take more few weeks for us to have it here!



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