Nurt Thurs – Recharge

Where focus goes, energy flows.

Toni Robbins

Being by myself, in solitude, a few minutes in the morning is necessary for setting up my mood for the day.

Yesterday, before getting up, I heard another snow storm was coming. Instead of stressing out and hurrying up to arrive at the work before the storm hits the city, I slowed down and spent some time journaling and doing some art.

I needed this time to focus on myself before opening the door to the chaos outdoors.

I followed my mantra: Stop; Breathe; Listen

In the end, I had a pleasant day and enjoyed the walk in the snow feeling the wind and the flakes touching my face.

Instead of complaining, I was grateful for that moment.

Have you stopped and thought what are you grateful for in this moment?

Have a great Thursday!

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17 thoughts on “Nurt Thurs – Recharge

  1. The Toni Robbins quote is so true. I like the flow of your post…easy to read and full of good ideas. I am grateful I had a chance to visit your blog today.

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  2. Inspiring thoughts, Elizabeth. Yes, we should be grateful for so many things. Your feeling of the snow upon your face came clearly through in that line.
    My gratitude every second of every day is that I’m alive and not too long ago wasn’t. Every moment is a gift to be treasured.
    Isadora 😎

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  3. I so relate – for me it is coffee, couch and laptop – where I read or write – in my den. gotta be in there because it is so relaxing (plants, window overlooking trail and trees and a couch with so many lovely memories). My days without this never feel quite right.

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    1. You have a beautiful space to start your day. We need to be grateful to recognize that we need this time of solitude everyday and have the opportunity to keep up with it.



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