a random page # 4

I’ve been art journaling since 2013, and now I think I’ve finally figured out my style for art journal pages. Here are a few things that I love to have on my pages:

  • Color – I prefer to use acrylic than water-color medium
  • Images – Mostly from magazines, but children books are a great asset as well
  • Words – A must!
  • Messy – Yes to freedom!

It’s funny, I always try to change things but always go back to what makes comfortable and my creativity can fly free.

And you? How is your creativity doing?

20 thoughts on “a random page # 4

  1. I have my regular journal that I write in every week, but I also have an art journal with doodles, photos, and drawings with quotes and ideas that have always meant a lot to me 🙂 I must admit the art journal has been a bit neglected lately – I should get back to it soon!

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  2. Ever since I first visited your blog so many years ago, I’ve vowed to give art journalling a go – but haven’t because I’m a ‘gunna’ person. 2019 is my ‘make it happen’ year. From one of your earlier posts, which I visited today, I followed a link to Right Brain Planner. There, I was struck by the warning that I shouldn’t set myself up to fail (for another year) just because I didn’t begin on January 1st. Day One can be any day. What a wonderful piece of advice.

    Thanks dear Elizabeth, today is my Day One.You are truly my inspiration. Thank you.

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    1. Hi Christine, I’m so happy you visited my blog! Thanks so much for all the likes and comments. I’m glad I’ve inspired you! Art journal is a great method to express ourselves, happy you will give it a try. Right Brain Planner is a great site for inspiration. Teresa is the owner, she is a lovely lady and always gives input on how to make time for our art and take care of ourselves. Always is time to start! Hugs and love to you!

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    1. Dear Lois, you should give it a try! It’s a great activity and really make things clear in the mind. The best thing to break a clean page it to add the date to the top of it, so it’s not clean anymore! You can add an image from a magazine, something that you find beautiful or has called your attention, and then write only words that come to your mind, maybe a list of things to do that day or that you had done. Hope you give it a try!



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