18 thoughts on “a random page # 3

  1. BE is a good word for you Elizabeth, following the year you’ve had. May you give yourself more kindness in 2019, and judge your progress less harshly. May you find a way to fulfill your role as a wife and mother, while keeping what you have found of you. I love that you have regained your creativity. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thanks for another lovely comment. Happy New year to you and lots of creativity on your way! You should pick a word too! Make related to your art journal, so you will have always it in your mind. Maybe DO can be your word! I love small words!

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      1. Mine is three words this year – ‘make it happen’ – more kick in the pants than DO. Methinks I need a kick! . I’ve titled my journal ‘2019, my year of making it happen.’ It’s a Mont Marte visual diary that I bought to give to my granddaughter, along with some gel pens. I can get another before I visit later in the month (belated Christmas gift).

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  2. ah that is a grand word! BE! i love your word choice for this year it encompasses so many things. I was just reading and listening to some thought about our daily rhythm, we need to have a more restorative rhythm, where we rest to work and not work to rest. I am going to try to apply those these year. take good care of yourself dear friend and Be! Be the best that you can, be still and listen to your heart, be amazing because you can and are!

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