my friend Gina is the guest hosting at dVerse Poetics this week. her prompt is ‘comfort smells’.

i love cinnamon scent! it brings me a sense of comfort and security, takes me back to lovely memories: a warm kitchen, sweets been baked, a cup of tea and family gathering around the table in winter nights. nowadays i add cinnamon is almost everything i bake, and i love to add a cinnamon stick to my cup of tea and to my coffee while brewing.

so, here is my take to the prompt.



firewood burning

stars illuminating the sky


moonlight bathing my skin

magic and power


forest whispering my name

i’m safe

i’m at home




18 thoughts on “cinnamon

  1. love this so much Elizabeth! cinnamon starting and ending the poem. one definite scent that says home like nothing else can for you. the simplicity of thought and also poetic lines really touch my heart. I feel your healing words.

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      1. I love cinnamon especially at Christmas time, my daughters will bake the softest rolls and that smell makes me feel very happy and contented, you chose a very good scent to share. your poetry flows effortlessly.



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