fall is in the air

kids are back to school and after 8 months i’m back to my job! i’m starting slowly, part-time for now, it’s incredible that after all these months i still need more time for recovering.

Well, i don’t have words to say how much i’m grateful and blessed to be on my feet and going back to the routine; sitting at my desk, talking with my co-works and students, walking around campus during lunch time, spotting all beauty around me.


i made this apple-orange-oatmeal loaf, as a treat, for my kids for the first day of school. my little one is starting high school and the older one is starting the university. both are excited at the start of a new path on their journey.


my garden is each day prettier. the weather is cooling down, so the flowers and vegetables are blooming.

the days are getting short and short, early morning is still dark. it’s time to start turning my attention to the beauty and light indoors. autumn is a wonderful time to slow down and reflect on what matter most for us.


Hope you have a lovely sunday and spot few beauties on your way.



20 thoughts on “fall is in the air

    1. thanks my dear Lois, at first i thought i was ready to go full time, but now i see that the part-time is already too much for me. i really need to go slowly, step by step. take care too and have a great week.

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      1. yes, it’s difficult to go back to the routine, thanks for letting me know that it wasn’t easy for you either. sometimes i think that it is taking too long for me, but now i see that it really need to be step by step, little by little for our body and mind to recover. love to you my friend.

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  1. All the best with the part work. Happy sunday and wish you a good week a head. Yes it is beginning to feel like Autum ( aka fall) .. here in the UK too. Don’t you just love the wordpress community it is international.


  2. you are careful yet tenacious in your healing Elizabeth, be comforted with all these beautiful gifts of nature, love and time. I feel such a glow coming from your aura, its beautiful, you are a very precious soul

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  3. It must feel wonderful to be back to a routine, Elizabeth! I didn’t realize your boys are so old! I hope they both have a wonderful school year., and you as well! xoxo


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